Daily Update

(all the news that fits)


I’ve become a big fan of Ben Thompson’s Stratechery posts, particularly the Daily Updates he releases solely to his paid subscribers. I imagine he uses his public posts to reach a wider audience, but the week fills up fast with free subscriptions on the war, the Trumpster, and the ex-pandemic. In the newsletter multiverse, pitches for subscribers invariably reach the break point where the writing is compelling enough that the paywall divider comes as an unwelcome dealbreaker. Another strategy is to never interrupt the flow but offer additional benefits (audio, comments, etc.) if you bite the bullet. A variant is to provide alternate versions of material that are less funny or useful, No, that’s a lie.

What you’re reading is my version of Ben’s Daily Update. The subject matter is not important, but the effect is. What is discussed is what Ben feels is the best use of the reader’s time. If I am not drawn to the topic, I am drawn to the power of subscription choice. As I fight off the bar…

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