(recorded 10.21.22)

Apparently by next Friday, Twitter may be sold to Elon Musk. Regardless of what we think about the personalities involved, there appears to be a good chance this will happen. We took a poll on this edition of the Gang to decide what we would talk about — three issues including China and chips, the new iPads, and Musk/Twitter. I. liked the way it shook out. And regardless of what we think about the results of the midterms, the betting is that the die will be cast to move past the polemics and toward the hard truth that votes matter and affect the future. There seems to be a residual feeling that the republic will survive, but not a lot of data to support that conclusion. I’m torn about the new iPads but bullish on their impact on newsletter video production, Ditto with the transition to a privately owned Twitter, but bullish on the growing impact on the dynamics of the Substack/Twitter race to challenge the struggling mainstream media outlook. Meet the new boss… same as the old boss.

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