Summertime blues

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The Summer finale of the Liz Cheney Show suffered a little from the showrunner blues. This is where the characters that we’ve grown to know and love run out of important things to say, and are relegated to seat fillers at the Award shows. Great streaming has its own built-in armageddon where the evil has been eradicated, the love interest has moved from object of desire to who’s got control of the TV remote, and yet there’s the problem of establishing a rationale for doing it all over again after the summer break. Since scripted shows have to begin work in the writer’s room in April, there’s no summer break for them. This means a dropoff in quality starting with episode 3 or 4, where the budget kicks in and they have to save money to stockpile for the big finale.

You say the J6 committee is not scripted? I say are you serious? The plot is by definition constrained by the fact that the bad guys have stolen democracy and undermined the pursuit of truth. Now what? Yes, the hearings have vastly overperformed and convinced everybody but the Unconvincibles that the plot is not only right in front of our lying eyes but is going to get even worse after the midterms. But triumph the committee has done anyway, and now we’re being asked to choose between Mike Pense and Larry DeSantis. The last episode feels like a roadrunner cartoon, and then there’s Donald cutting paragraphs out of his postriot after party speech. No, I don’t want to say that the election is over. Yeah, no kidding. This is an even harder job than reediting the Let It Be sessions to bring the laffs out. See you around the clubs.

Peter Jackson says he’s talking to the Beatles about a new project, something very very different than the Get Back series. Now there’s a showrunner second season vibe if I ever heard one. The Jackson scientists did some amazing work with flower pot audio, so maybe they can reconstitute the Secret Service texts. Jackson won’t say anything more about this, but maybe Paul or Ringo will spill the beans. The J6 committee promises a fall season in September, but I fear we may have seen the best of the outtakes for now. Besides, the Twitter/Musk trial starts in October, and then the pesky MidTerms tee up. Two of us going nowhere…. There ain’t no cure for the Summertime Blues.

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