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Coyote GPT

All my life I’ve travelled between the East and the West Coast. In the younger days it was between LA and New York, the city and Woodstock. These days, it’s between the Bay Area and Charleston. In the early times, California was about the possibilities, the East about return and resonating with the Western energy. Today, not so clearcut.

The edition of the Gang embedded above, comes from Charleston, with its soft breezes of the late afternoon and the gathering of the team from California, Seattle, Atlanta, Rte. 128, and London. On Paul and Brent’s PPN network, Brent cut down a few excerpts from this show, showing one of them that references the media transition we’re experiencing as mainstreamers struggle with the partisan byplay and newsletters bootstrap the moment of disruption. Strangely but oddly comforting, the differences between the two cohorts seem to be muted as the models conspire to blend into each other.

In the dwindling days of 1980, I was staying with my friend David Sanborn in a rented house in Malibu. He was coming back from some session work in New York, and I picked him up at the airport. He was in a cloudy mood, both at the height of his solo career with a record that had just gone platinum and a dark sense of struggle in his personal life. It’s not for me to discuss this, but for the moment when I tried to comfort him and he asked me why I wanted this life for myself. “Because I want to be where you are,” giving him the answer he already knew. His point: It’s not so great. My point: yeah, but I want to anyway.

Soon thereafter, I moved into a small apartment in Laurel Canyon and eventually back to New York. I remember sitting watching CNN when Reagan was shot. I remember watching from behind the drums when Letterman did his monologue on a random Friday. As technology strove to enhance the moments of our lives, we wanted to be there no matter how great it really was. No regrets Coyote.1

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